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"...I plan on using their foot and ankle care services in the future."
-- Herman Woofter
Niles, OH

"...Dr. LaPolla is wonderful! I now have a podiatrist!"
-- Edna Piccirilli
Sharpsville, PA

"...I consider the staff at Northeast Ohio Foot, Ankle & Wound Center very professional and courteous."
-- William Holbert
Hiram, OH

"...The quality of our podiatric care with the Doctor exceeded our requirements and expectations!"
-- Harold Wilson
Warren, OH

"...Northeast Ohio Foot, Ankle & Wound Center followed-up by phone to make sure that my podiatric surgery was to my satisfaction!"
-- Walter Conley
Cortland, OH

"...The podiatric care that Northeast Ohio Foot, Ankle & Wound Center provided to me in the past was successful!"
-- Cynthia Totten
Warren, OH

"...Dr. LaPolla has always been great with my children both medically and just as a person. They both like him a lot."
-- Kimberly Leasure
Warren, OH

"...I would recommend Dr. LaPolla to my family and friends."
-- Kay Canfield
Warren, OH

"...I'm very pleased with everything that you have done for me."
-- Barbara Hileman
Cortland, OH

"...Keep up the good work you are already doing!"
-- Mary Jean DeVengencie
Girard, OH

"...Very pleasant receptionist at the Brookfield office."
-- Deborah Bowlis
Brookfield, OH

"...Very satisfied with Northeast Ohio Foot, Ankle & Wound Center!"
-- Kristen Doan
Warren, OH

"...Keep up the good work. You're the best!"
-- Bruce Thomas
Warren, OH

"...I consider the staff at NEO Foot, Ankle & Wound Center Inc. to be very nice and professional to new and old patients."
-- January Zickefoose
Warren, OH

"...Continue what you are doing!"
-- Jennifer Addicott
Kinsman, OH

"...Everyone was very sweet."
-- Genevieve Wagner
Warren, OH

"...Doing a great job right now."
-- Larry Gordon
Niles, OH

"...Everyone was very helpful and friendly."
-- Joseph Ruberto Jr.
Warren, OH

"...Dr. LaPolla was very kind, considerate and took the time to explain my podiatric care."
-- Sylvia Ritter
Cortland, OH

"...My calls were processed quickly and efficiently through the phone system with hardly no wait time at all."
-- Belinda Chavis
Warren, OH

"...Dr. LaPolla was very understanding, caring and tentative to my needs! Thank you for your help and professionalism."
-- Narinder Chandhok
Cortland, OH

"...My first visit was great!"
-- Nicole Lopez

"...I was pleased that Dr. LaPolla had time for phone conversation with me and explained health concerns."
-- Stevan Glisic
Warren, OH

"...Dr. LaPolla didn't rush me and explained the problem and medicines I would need."
-- Lucinda Reitz
Warren, OH

"...I was completely satisfied with the Podiatric services provided by Dr. LaPolla. I would definitely recommend him."
-- Tonya Cross
Mineral Ridge, OH

"...Dr. LaPolla treated my corns and trimmed my toenails in a very professional manner. He was very courteous."
-- Joanne Bode
Warren, OH

8588 E. Market Street
Warren, OH 44484

7264 Warren-Sharon Rd.
Brookfield, OH 44403


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